Final pools, Friday May 26th

Women’s epée 50/59

Men’s foil 40/49

Men’s saber 60/69

Women’s epée 60/69

Men’s saber 50/59

Men’s foil 70+


Lists of participants May 23rd, 2017




Delegations are requested to notify any absence of fencers as soon as possible by email to


Seeding rules


Note for Delegations:

The day before the competition, before 5pm, the composition of the pools will be posted here. Delegations will have time to send any remarks about the composition of the pools up until 6pm by email to the following address:

The final composition of the pools with the relevant piste numbers will then be posted here by 7pm.

In case of cancellation or absence of fencer(s) after the publication of the pools, the pools will not be redrawn unless this results in a pool becoming less than 6. If one or more pools are thus reduced to 5 or fewer fencers, DT will add to these pools one or more fencers from other pools of 7 fencers, taking into account the initial ranking of the fencer(s) being replaced.


Men’s Foil 50-59
Women’s Epée 40-49
Men’s Saber 70-74
Men’s Saber 75+
Men’s foil 60-69
Women’s epèe 70/74
Women’s epée 75+
Men’s saber 40-49


Women’s epée 50-59
Men’s foil 40-49
Men’s saber 50-59
Women’s epée 60-69
Men’s foil 70+ – 75+
Men’s saber 60-69


Men’s epée 40-49
Men’s epée 70+ – 75+
Women’s foil 40-49
Women’s foil 70+ – 75+
Women’s saber 50-59
Women’s saber 60-69


Men’s epée 50-59
Men’s epée 60-69
Women’s foil 50-59
Women’s foil 60-69
Women’s saber 40-49
Women’s saber 70+ – 75+