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14° European Veteran Fencing Championship - Chiavari Scherma

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For fencers
To take part to this important event in Chiavari your first step is advise your Federation so that they can register you with the Organising Committee

Once you are registered on the site you will receive an email with your own login and password so that you can secure your entry by:
- Confirming which weapons you are fencing
- Confirming which age-group is yours
- Pay for your entry
- You will also be able to book your accommodation at specially negotiated Championships prices

Please go to the instructions page if you need to know how to proceed with the registration.

For Federations
Each Federation has their own area on the Website to manage the registration process for their fencers and to nominate referee candidates. You will receive your unique login and password.

We are providing you with two ways of registering your fencers:
- You may enter individual details directly into the Website
- You may download the excel file, complete it as you hear from your fencers and the upload the whole spreadsheet Once you have registered a fencer on the site, either directly, or by means of the excel file upload, they will receive a message from us giving them their own login and password so that they may complete the process to secure their entry.

You may continue to add fencers, either directly or by means of the excel file upload and only the new names will be contacted. You can edit information about fencers directly on the site but remember to also correct your excel spreadsheet or the edits will be overwritten when you do the next upload.

Please note that a fencer registered on the site is not formally entered into the event until they have paid.

You can find detailed instruction on how to make the registration by clicking the "Instructions" tab here above.

The registration procedure is as follows:
1) The fencers request their Federation to enter them providing name, e-mail and any other information the Federation requires for their own use.
2) The federation will register the fencer on the website by means of their reserved area in the Competition website using direct listing or excel file upload.
3) The Organizing Committee sends the fencers, by e-mail, their individual username and password
4) With the username and password, the fencers can access the "Login fencer" area which allows them to make the payment and thereby secure their entry.

In their reserved area, the fencers can
- select the competition they will participate to (age group, weapon, gender),
- pay the relevant entry fee,
- book the hotel benefiting of the special fares reserved to the participants to the European Championships.

Please note that special hotel fares are available only when booked through the reserved area, so we suggest not to wait the last day to register all the fencers but to make progressive registrations as you receive the requests from the fencers.

If the payment is made by the federation instead of the individual fencer, the fencers shall select the "money transfer" payment in their reserved area and the Federation, after having performed the payment, shall send an email to the organizing committee (info@europeanfencingmaster.eu) with the indication of the amount paid by money transfer and the list of fencers included in the payment (for each fencer please notify the Licence number, Name and Surname).

Entry fee payments must be completed by May 8th, 2017

Please go to the instructions page if you need to know how to proceed with the registration.

For hotels
With reference to the special agreement with the Organisation Committee, just enter the supplied email address and password to enter your secure area. Here you can insert description and pictures of the hotel and check the reservations made by fencers taking part in the Championships.