Deadline for registrations from Federations: April 24th, 2017

Deadline for the payment of the entry fee: May 8th, 2017

Warning: No refund of the entry fees will be awarded for the cancellations requested after May 8th, 2017

To take part to the Championships you have to send a request to your Federation, that will forward your information to the Organizing Committee.
Then you will receive an email with all necessary accreditation data.

Remember: ID and Discharge of Responsibility are required to confirm your accreditation at  the competition venue.
Remember also to fill up the weapon control form and bring it to the weapon control desk.

1. Enter your reserved area

Open the menu and click on “reserved area > fencers login”

2. Authenticate and login

Choose your Country from the dropdown menu. Insert your licence number and the supplied password you received by email. Then click on “login”.

3. Confirm your registration

Select the Registration page clicking on the Registration tab

4. Complete your registration form

In the interest of efficiency and good management please pay particular attention to providing the following:

  1. insert your photo, it will be printed out on your badge and allow you to access the competition venue;
  2. specify your gender and category, to ensure a correct time table;
  3. day of arrival and departure, number of accompanying people, hotel booked, means of transport: these are required to help us manage shuttles and parking near the venue; remember that you don’t book the hotel here, but to book the hotel you have to go to the dedicated “Hotels” page. If you don’t book a hotel included in the list, please select NONE (or NESSUNO in Italian), but remember to enter the days of arrival and departure anyway.
  4. insert your phone number for urgent calls;
  5. insert a new password if easier to memorize, or leave empty space to keep the old one;

All fields must be completed, otherwise you cannot proceed with the entry fee payment. Remember to click on the SAVE button, otherwise all the entered data will be lost.

5. Enter your registration

After entering your data you can register for one or more competitions. Select a shuttle service, if needed, to reach the competition venue.

Please pay attention: shuttle service is dedicated to fencers – not to accompanying people.

You can pay with credit card and your entry will be confirmed immediately. If you prefer paying by bank transfer you will receive an email with detailed information.

If you your Federation has indicated they will pay the fees, please select the Bank Transfer payment.

6. Book your Hotel

Click on “Hotel”, insert date of arrival, departure and category, and start your search by clicking on the blue button.

Choose your hotel and confirm your payment by credit card, your hotel reservation will be confirmed immediately.

7. Additional Services

Click on “Extra” button, there you can find additional services for a better organisation of your journey: shuttle service for your family, excursions and sightseen tours, special events….
Even for these services you can pay with credit card or bank tansfer.