Amazing beaches and dream spots: “Baia dei Saraceni”, “Cinque Terre” and “Baia del Silenzio” in Sestri Levante


“Baia dei Saraceni” in Varigotti is the most loved beach in Liguria. It’s long and large with white soft sand and emerald, turquoise sea tone. Extremly clean and close to the wonderful rocky cliff of Capo Noli. You can easily reach it passing from the “Aurelia”. The entry is upon payement in which is included beach cleaning and shower access.


Sestri Levante’s borough is unique in the world for his long promontory and the beauty that you can see form “Punta Manara” of the two beaches almost touching with each other.


“Baia delle Favole”, animated and equipped, has an open view on sea. Resereved and enchanting, the “Baia del Silenzio”, has a trasparent sea not that deep where you can see pastel colours reflexes of the nearby houses and dozens of fishing boats anchored.


Fergina’s beach, in Monterosso, is the biggest one in “Cinque Terre” and also the only one with sand. Crystalline light blue water, scenic for its position and comfortable too because it’s set  in front of the borough. Along the path of “Cinque Terre” there are many wonderful bays accessable by sea or trails for expert walkers.